Company Philosophy

PES Security Service GmbH is a future-oriented security firm with the mission to provide the best client service with optimized security services. By investing in our future and our employees, we are in a position to develop customized security concepts that meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

What makes us different

The employees of PES Security Service GmbH are our hallmark. PES Security Service GmbH provides security personnel with many years of experience in the business. We recruit personnel from the military, police force, and private security sector. PES Security Service also promotes individuals from outside industries who are willing to complete training so that they can be integrated into the team and learn from the experience of seasoned personnel. To ensure a safe environment and the successful completion of our tasks, PES Security Service provides appropriate clothing as well as modern technology and equipment. The latest in gear and equipment, as well as advanced training and education, are integral elements of our commitment to meeting clients’ needs and expectations. Our employees demonstrate a high level of initiative and personal responsibility, as well as the desire and ability to work independently.


PES Security Service GmbH carefully reviews the needs and desires of the client, so that we can alert our clients of security vulnerabilities and address them effectively. We embrace our responsibilities and bring high aspirations and defined goals to meet our daily challenges. Our security services and customer relations meet the highest quality standards. Whether you request a strong public presence or discreet operations behind the scenes, all contracts are executed by highly-motivated and professionally-trained employees or other cadre positions.

Company, design for success, and aspirations

At PES Security Service GmbH, we value our employees and ensure that each one receives excellent benefits and a fair renumeration. Success is only possible in cooperation with our personnel. Clearly-defined goals, employment requirements, and employee support are a given at at PES Security Service GmbH. We hire only the best in the business and provide these fine individuals to our clients. Our team consists of professionally-trained personnel with excellent references in our business sector. By consistently maintaining and analyzing incident reports, we can reduce these to a minimum or eliminate them altogether. Going forward, PES will continue to operate as a stand-alone, enterprising, and financially-independent company.


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